The Potomac River aDances

The Potomac River aDances

Now, everyone is gonna say that this picture is printed too light, but I disagree, because I disagree. Photography and paointing have a fine history of laying things down nice and thick. I don’t care. I lay a lot of my stuff down nice and soft. I was gonna say the colors in this picture are like Raoul Dufy’s, but I checked. Even Dufy doesn’t go this light. Some day they will say I am innovative and bold, going somewhere no one else has gone. For now, I will suffer the criticism: “Your stuff looks washed out. Maybe it’s just my computer,” and “Your pictures are so faint I can hardly see them,” et cetera. It is a harsh life not following the crowds, like a fat sheep.
PS: When I get this thing printed, maybe I’ll ask my printer to go 30 or 40 percent darker. I am actually not a hero.

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