2. truck at Montgomery Mall.

2.  truck at Montgomery Mall.

I wnet lookin’ at Mac Pro computers this morning at Montgometry Mall in Bethesda Montgomery County Maryland USA. outside the entrance to the mall, a couple men were unloading a truck. I snapped four or five pictures, and after I got home and looked at the pics. I realized I had a real technical problem. My camera has dust inside on the sensor, and I don’t have money tofix it or buy a new one. There is a big unsighltly gray blemish on the upper left side of the original of this pic. I cropped it out, not getting the actual thing I was looking for. I like taking pictures of workmen. I suppose I am a communist. There is something didgnified in what they do. they should be getting paid more, a lot more, than they are getting paid. I don’t understand why men who go around chasing ambulances, sucking off the misfortune of others, are millionaires, while people doinghonest necessary and good work have a hard time paying rent and buying groceries.


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