5 thoughts on “2647-28

    • Where did you learn your art? I hope I am not patronizing when I say that I do not hear on WordPress such intelligent replies about my work. When I started shooting photographs, I wouldn’t consider taking shots of architecture. I was interested in the destitutes found in the streets, still am. But i have learned, as I mentioned to you earlier, it is not always the subject the artist is depicting that makes a work of art. It is how the artist depicts that maters most. Yes, I do love how the apparently mundane can pop out and become art, something much more than can be readily imagined. See ya. Thanks again for such an intelligent response to my work.

  1. I am a photography major and a drawing minor, I am married to a photographer and surrounded by artists.
    Maybe that is it… 🙂
    You are not patronizing this is a great compliment you are making me.
    I was just thinking how many people see this art popping out? Do you think its just us artists or maybe other people too?
    When you get time let’s talk more. Thank you!
    Ps i am sure that there are more like us out there yet they are “lost” in the crowd. If we are lucky we’ll bump into them too!
    have a great weekend.

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