My Spam Mail Story

An exercise I did for my film script writing class:

My Spam Mail Story

By Tim Ruane

Today I saved 50 to 90 percent off everything in the world, by just entering me email address and going on to Step 2; but wait: I went on to Step 3 and bought 10 AT&T smartphones for 99 cents apiece.  I gave each one of the 10 smartphones to each one of my 10 girlfriends.  Yay!

While saving 50 to 90 percent on everything in the world, I spotted Cambria Leigh, 23, from Tenecula CA and Ellec Champagne, 22, from Beverly Hills CA who, like me, are members of the Free Dreams Dating Site.  Yay!  I emailed them both for free and told them they, too, could save 50 to 90 percent off everything in the world.  They became happy and emailed me back.  They asked me out on dates.  Yay!  I have a date on this Friday and Saturday night.  Yay!

Then—alas and however—I came across my FreeScore360 free credit score report and learned that I am not only broke.   I am also in debt.  I owe Wells Fargo Bank $5.2 million.  Boo!

I won’t be going on any dates this weekend.  Boo!  I will be working on both Friday and Saturday nights.  Boo!  I took a job with a fine company and now sell DISH TVs for just $19.99 a month, but Yay!  I will be out of debt in just about a hundred years.  Yay!


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