Dori’s Precious Baby – a possible beginning

This looks like it might be the beginning of my next film.

No images after @50 secs. yet, just bad-ass music by Jason Shaw –

Cool beginning, no?


“Dori” is about the 30s-something Dori Jones, who, while in the middle of a divorce andcustody battle learns that her husband, Eddie Jones, has kidnapped their infant daughter, Dori Jones Jr.

Mr. Jones, you might have guessed, will not let Dori see her child.  He is furious and vengeful because of Dori’s three extramarital affairs.

Dori goes to see her online mad computer-psychiatrist, Dr. Abdul Djabar, who is insane because the program that created him went wacko.

Dr. Jabar encourages Dori to act on her furyand prescribes for her a psychotropic Quiptic.

Quiptic has a side effect at a rate of 14.2 percent– violence.

Dori takes her medicine and hires an assassin to murder Eddie, but Dori learns that Eddie has already hired two assassins to murder Dori Jr.

You tell me what happens, and maybe I will write the film that way, with appropriate credit, of course.





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