Aaaaaand then back to the start again….

Curiouser and curiouser

You know when you think you got something nailed and it turns out you didn’t? Well yeah. The more I looked at my design, the less I liked it, so I went back to the drawing board, again. This time I looked through all my designs, and went for the pleated look from some of my earlier designs, and experimented with some new ideas on it.
Which gave me these:

Magician 5

Design suggestions 4

And my favourite:

Magician 6 2

So this is the design I’m going to base my costume on, and there’s a few details I need to find out how to make and how I want to approach it.

I’ve experimented with different embroidery designs based on the flower thimbleweed, which is an important plant for my character.

Flower pattern

Why I experimented a bit with the rose I’m not sure, but once I recalled the thimbleweed from my story, I left the rose behind entirely.

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