A welcome addition to the apes’ canon started in 1963 by Pierre Boulle with his novel, La Planete
des Singes. I doubt he had any idea of the longevity of his idea, 50 years later they’d be still making films.

The second reboot of the Apes franchise after the embarrassment of the Burton/Wahlberg effort is such a breath of fresh air, filled with a great many right notes that make for a great story. The few gripes I had are outweighed by the sum of its parts.

James Franco is Will Rodman, our human protagonist and does a great job until Basil Exposition rears its ugly head. Only a tiny amount but the odd one line here, one line there to let us, the dumb-fuck audience know what is happening, which is weird considering how much most of the film steers clear of the expo. If a line is written…

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