Silk screening and Auto class


silkscreen1Today I learned two new things:

  1. How to make silk screen images
  2. How to identify parts of an automobile while looking at it from underneath the car

So, as I’m doing my usual walk through the halls of my urban high school setting, I try to be mindful of interesting things that could be happening. These walks are, frankly, the highlight of my day and offer surprises around every corner.  That’s how I learned about silk screening from a student who showed me the entire process from making the frame, stretching the silk, applying the light sensitive materials, etching a negative image, applying the ink, and then pressing the now positive image onto cloth, paper or other media. The final products are stunningly beautiful.

And then in auto class a student who is often (!!) labelled as not-engaged was kind enough to teach me what he had learned in the…

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