2015 in Film: February…

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So, at the beginning of February I finally got a job! “Why is this relevant?” I hear you ask, well the job in question is in a cinema!

This means that along with my BAFTA card and friends working in the cinema in town, I will also be able to access films for free in the cinema in my own workplace! That’s 2 of 4 cinemas in Cardiff me and my friends have covered…we may have to go for more.

Anyway, here are the films I saw in February, in the order in which I saw them (sorry it’s ridiculously late):

Jupiter Ascending (UK Release: 06-02-2015, Director: The Wachowskis) – Bad. SO BAD. I seriously walked out of the cinema and said “wow” in awe of how bad it was. The “love” story was forced he basically kidnapped her, after rescuing her from kidnappers. Eddie Redmayne’s character was camp as hell, and…

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