BLAGUE REEL Europe Edition

Leaving Williamsburg

HELLO! GREETINGS! As my girl Charlotte the spider would say, SALUTATIONS!!! It has been FOREVER since I posted a which is really disgraceful because I have so much time and so little to do! Wait. Scratch that. Reverse it. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, but I will make this post a lighthearted refresher course to bring you all up to speed on my adventures.

THE GAG REEL “BLAGUE” REEL!        *BLAGUE means “joke” is French

All of these pictures were either taken in France in Alsace-Lorraine region or during my trip to Prague/Vienna/Budapest. Some of them are works of art, some are advertisements and posters we saw while walking around, and some I still don’t even know what they are.

And so allow me to say, I CAN’T EVEN, and I hope YOU CAN’T EVEN too when you see these.

Enjoy! Happy spring! Miss you…

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