Modern Tribes

A Geek and the Sea

After seeing “Why don’t you play in Hell? – Jigoku de naze warui” I must say that the peculiar and out of the box way of Shion Sono filmmaking caught my attention. So I went to get another dose, just to see if it was really good (like any good future junkie would do) and this time I set eyes on his most recent work “Tokyo Tribes, a sort of rap musical that, even though musicals aren’t usually my thing, nor is rap, I must admit is a great part of what gives the soul and vibe to the movie. It was my yesterday’s late night film session and I still got the beats going around my head. XP

(Tokyo tribe, never ever die!)

The story is set in an alternative Japan, to be more precise an alternative Tokyo, a trashy, wild, colorful and almost post apocalyptic (some might say) Tokyo…

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