Setting Up Your Shots Trailer Assignment: Shot Reflection

Brie Davis - Visual Lit

My assigned genre was an action movie. Because I do not have a Hollywood-style blockbuster budget, I had to get creative in the way I shot my film. I chose to do a light-hearted storyline but employed several different camera and editing techniques to give the film an action tone.

Although I used several techniques that you would find in any genre of film, such as an establishing shot or a dolly, tracking shot, there were three specific techniques I chose in particular for my genre. These shots were crane up expression, freeze frame and extreme close-up.

The crane-up expression is usually used to show the devastating outcome of a moving and shows the character largely upset; I chose to do crane up with a happy character as well as a sad character. This way we can connect to the person who is happy as well as the one who…

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