Movie Review: ‘Predestination’

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predestination_ver2Directed by: The Spierig Brothers

Starring: Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook

Plot:  A young woman is recruited by a time traveling secret agent.


Do not be mistaken by the “man with a gun going toward something so impossible only he could stop it” movie poster. Predestination is not a run and gun kind of movie, another in a long line of modest budget thriller starring a well-known actor (going all the way back to Taken). It is a decade-spanning character piece posing as a slow burn thriller, and it is based on a classic Robert Heinlein short story “-All You Zombies-.” It stars Ethan Hawke as an unnamed temporal agent working for a secret agency who has been circling back and forth through time trying to stop a terrorist. Hawke’s ping-ponging between lead actor and character actor suits him well here turning the same character for all intents and purposes into…

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