Round Two

The House That Jack Built


So for the last while, I’ve been trepidatiously awaiting the arrival of another one of these; the sequel to a tentpole in a brand new series of marketable teen films that is yet to find its own voice and/or footing in a world where several others competing for the exact same audience and homogenizing themselves in order to meet the same requirements for said target audience. Has this property, now branding itself confidently as ‘The Divergent Series’, found its own voice by now?

Boxing gloves on, people; it’s time for round two.

Following on from the climax of the last one, the details of which for the life of me escape my memory for some reason, Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James), presumably names as such because he barely has a character and therefore should barely have a name, are on the run from the evil totalitarian powers that be…

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