Tales of A Dogged Dog-Eater!


 Movie Review:

The YellowSea
Written & Directedby NaHong-jin               ea27bcb6-9e7a-37f8-ac9a-2a8865342d22
Hungry for a good action movie? If you’ve been as depressingly underwhelmed by Tom Cruise’s fey Jack Reacher? Caught snoring by Liam Neeson’s predictable geriatric familiarities? Jason Statham playing straight-man to Melissa McCarthy? The answer’s not in domestic cinema, that’s for sure and I’m not talking about Steven ‘Biggie’ Seagal moving to Russia. The best action movies are, if you didn’t know it already, from South Korea!

The best and brightest of South Korean Writer and directors is Na Hong-jin, who, along with being eccentrically peculiar with a very dark sense of humor, has a gift of riveting you to the screen that’s up there with a young Martin Scorsese. Finally being recognized for the genius he is–after the machers at the  New York Times and the Washington Post A-listed him–he has  been offered…

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