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I’m behind the times—it’s true. To such a degree, in fact, that I’m using this (tentative) return from hiatus to talk about a movie that isn’t even in theaters any more. So, Focus, and the question that’s on everyone’s minds: can Will Smith bounce back from the two consecutive train wrecks that were After Earth and Winter’s Tale? Let’s find out!

Focus bills itself as a “romantic dark comedy” and comes to us from long-time writing/directing partners John Requa and Glenn Ficarra. The duo got their start writing for Nickelodeon and, since then, have built a résumé consisting of hits like Cats & Dogs (2001), Bad Santa (2003), that remake of Bad News Bears a few years ago, and I Love You, Philip Morris (2009). Interestingly, Requa’s most profitable enterprise to date was the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love in 2011, which he directed but did not write.

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