Patch Eye’s Heist

Here are some takes of a 10-minute comedy gangster flick I am making for my film-making class at Montgomery College in Silver Spring MD USA.
I pretty much grabbed these takes, hardly looked at them.
Let me know what you think.

Three Men in a Diner

Three Men in a Diner

Took this a while ago at 6 in the morning at Tastee Diner in Bethesda Maryland USA.



An edited photograph of a photograph.
I never saw Warhol in person.

2 Man in Soft Focus

2 Man in Soft Focus

I love my soft pictures.
They are not as popular as I would like, tho.
The way it goes –)–)

Three on a Subway 2

Boy in Headphones With a Guitar

Boy in Headphones With a Guitar

2012, I think.
Outside a Target in Arlington Virginia USA.



Cropped a lot.
Way overexposed in a bright light.
2012, I think.


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