Sometimes the Window Is Blue (1 minute)

A 1-minute flick I made.

One that will make you think.

A get-up-off-your-butt-and-get-a-better-job girl?

Or blatant American tragedy?

Jasmine Joyce’s marvelous performance.

Be sure to listen to the words in the song at the end.

You might want to look at this film a couple times to really get the feel of it.

A Girl Who Wants to Shine Brighter Than the Stars

The Marvelous Film “Mango”

Brad Crick, Private Eye – kill scene in progress

Here is the kill scene I am working on in my latest movie – “Brad Crick, Private.”

(57 secs.)

The imagery is ruined after I upload to YouTube and Facebook, fyi.

Don’t know why that happens.

The Stars:

Shannon Lynch

Aljan Hoxha

Manny Palmeiro

The Music:

Rick Sparks

“Lincoln Leads the Troops Into Battle”

The Greencarts

“One Night”

Jason Shaw

“Opus One”

“Crick” is a tale about a kidnapping.

Guess what happens.

Written, Edited and Directed by Yours Truly, Tim Ruane

Still Life on Subway – Man – b+w

Still Life on Subway - Man - b+w

Still Life on Subway – Man – b+w

Now Feaured



It’s time for your 2 week feature!  :)

Kat Lahr

Kat Lahr is Founder and Creative Director for Thought Collection Publishing. She enjoys collaborating with other literary and visual artists to collectively bring wisdom, creativity and social change to the world. Kat currently holds an MBA, is an Adjunct Professor, Researcher, Mom and Wife.


In a controversy,

the instant we feel anger,

we have already ceased

striving for truth

and have begun

striving for ourselves.

           Gautama Buddha

                 (ca. 563-483)


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